How Long Do Marble Countertops Last?

If you are asking, how long do marble countertops last? You must be thinking about installing marble on your kitchen surfaces, right?

Natural marble is durable and resistant to heat damage, so when properly maintained, it can last for a century or more.

Cultured marble countertops aren’t too tough, so you have to replace them after two decades.

How do you maintain marble countertops?

As mentioned above, for the countertops to last for a long time you have to take good care of them. How do you do this? Here is what to do:

Seal the countertops

Although marble is tough, it’s porous, so it requires regular sealing to protect it from stains and spills. You can do the sealing by yourself or hire a professional to help you out.

If you have decided to do it by yourself, use high quality, penetrating marble sealers. You should note that you should do the sealing at the time of installation and at least once a year thereafter.

If hiring a technician to seal the surfaces, it’s good you hire the same technician that installed and sealed the counters at the time of installation. The technician is more conversant with the countertops, so he/she is more likely to provide a better service.

Clean the countertops

The other thing you need to do is to clean the countertops. Proper cleaning removes food residues that might harm the surfaces. At the same time, it keeps the countertops looking spectacular.

The cool thing is, you don’t have to be fancy about the cleaning. Using a sponge and soft cloth is enough. Avoid cleaning agents as much as you can. Remember, the only agents you need are hot water, preferably one formulated for marble.

It’s recommended you avoid using soap as a regular cleaner. While the soap might not harm the stone at first, consistent use will dull the film covering the surface, giving your countertops a dull ugly look.

To make your countertop cleaning work easy, make it a habit to blot the spills as soon as they happen. Remember, marble is more sensitive than granite to acidic substances such as fruit juices, wine, coffee, sodas, tomato sauces, toiletry, and other cleaning products so, to protect your surfaces from staining or etching, blot these spills.

Protect the surfaces from damage

There is no way the countertops will last for a long time when they are constantly exposed to damage, will they?

So, to keep your countertops in top shape for long, you should protect your surfaces.

How do you do this? Here are tips on what to do:

Use coasters, cutting boards, and trivets

It’s almost impossible to completely prevent countertop etching, but you can reduce the extent of damage by using cutting boards that will protect the surfaces from scratching and coming into direct contact with food juice that might etch the surfaces.

When buying the cutting boards, buy those with a good grip, are reversible, dishwasher safe, and durable.

Placing trivets under hot pans prevents the countertops from scratching or scorching.

You also should use coasters under bottles, glasses, and cans.

Finally, don’t sit or stand on the countertops. While the countertops are tough, they can easily crack when you place a lot of weight on them.

Use the countertops with care

Even if you are excited about having the countertops of your dreams, be cautious about how you handle them. As a rule of thumb, don’t use the countertops as your workbench.

Using the countertops as your stage or work area is asking for trouble as the nails, hammers, screws, screwdrivers and other tools can scratch or even gouge the countertops.

You should also regularly dust them with a mop to get rid of the dirt that can wear on the finish and cause scratches.

While you can achieve the same with a vacuum cleaner, be cautious when using it as the worn-out parts or grit jammed by the wheels can scratch the surfaces and damage them.

Do you love marble?

If you love marble and you feel they belong in your home, visit different marble stores, and see the available options. After settling on a slab, hire experienced and certified granite installers or any other professionals to install it for you.