The Process/ FAQ

1. Lead Times:

Richstone installs countertops within 7 days of the signed off drawing after measurements.  Sometimes drawings can be produced and signed off on the next day, we strive to get all drawings completed within 24 hours of measurement.  The more details provided up front before measurement the more likely we can achieve this 7 days.  This seven days is only possible if we have all required information and material received at Richstone at time of measurement.

The turnaround time will also vary with the complexity of the project.  Projects that have vertical applications like full height stone backsplash, wrapping hoods, fireplaces, and other unique projects may slow down turnaround times.  Richstone in these cases prefers to break the fabrication process into phase(s) in order to achieve optimal results for best fit in the space and vein matching to achieve a superior finished look.

We know countertops are the last phase and you want to have your home back, but rushing jobs lead to potential mistakes that could be avoided if standard protocols are followed.  Careful and advanced planning helps to avoid common pitfalls, and we welcome you to our showroom and fabrication shop to learn more about the fabrication and installation process.

Expedited requests can be accommodated, but may require additional install crews, overtime, special leadership attention and thus additional fees may apply. 

2. A Job Site Is Ready For Measurement When:

Please remove clutter from your countertops.  Our measure technicians need to use digital measurement equipment touching all points of your countertop and walls, additionally they are taking photos of measure tapes for verification.   Please move everything possible within reason to our measure technician’s arrival.

All necessary appliances including cooktop, downdraft, stove, sinks, faucets, soap dispenser, hot water dispenser, or any other pertinent items are on site. Any item that requires a cut in the stone will be measured, and may be requested to be brought to Richstone Surfaces’ facility for final verification in the fabrication process.   Cooktops – are heavy and expensive, we leave those at your home.  Flush mount style sinks, vessel sinks, other unique fixtures and appliances may be beneficial for Richstone to bring to our facility, our measure technician will inform you if this is recommended.  

All Appliances and Plumbing Fixtures have arrived on the jobsite and spec sheets sent to the sales rep.  This is crucial to ensure our measure technicians know what questions to ask.  There are more unique designs for appliances than ever before requiring flush mount installations and precision accuracy to ensure proper fit, while at the same time appliances themselves often have up to 1/4″ variance acceptable by manufacturers guidelines.  It is always recommended to get all appliances in the home prior to measurement so that we can verify the measurements of the actual acquired appliance / fixture.

Specification sheets are often incorrect online.  Some brands are better than others, but if you are buying something on Amazon it is a commonplace that the spec sheet they provide to you is to a slightly different model / unit.  It is always the safest practice to have the physical appliance and fixture present to trust but verify specification sheets.  If you cut the stone too big there is no going back.

It is always strongly preferred that you be present for the measurement so that we can discuss details and design intent that affect measurement.  While Richstone is responsible for accurate measurements, the design control is completely up to you. 

3. Viewing and Approving Your Slabs:

Your slabs should be viewed and approved before the template whenever possible.  Slab sizes, thicknesses and material type all affect how the measurements are conducted and questions asked during measurement.

Material that is selected from different locations or suppliers and outside of Richstone stock material MUST be approved and placed on hold with the supplier prior to us placing the order for your slabs. Most holds expire within 7 days so time is of the essence. 

Additionally, Richstone reserves the right to charge storage fees for extended project durations.  Please communicate project expected timelines with your Richstone representative, we will inform you if there is any cause for concern.  We are all for advanced planning, but also can’t pay for insurance and storage space for slabs for customers that aren’t beginning the stone part of their project for > 6 months.

The human eye is incredible and Richstone encourages slab viewing in person as no photograph can capture the true essence of the tonality and depth of all slabs through photographs no matter the resolution.  We do our best to provide digital high resolution photographs but it is still ultimately the customers responsibility to consider the lighting in their home versus our warehouse and flash photography and to observe natural or engineered variations in the stone to ensure there are no surprises.  Talk to your Richstone representative to book a showroom appointment or to discuss all the options for digital layouts to fit your needs.

4. Template:

If you accomplished 1-3 congrats, the hard part is done! The actual day of measurement can go pretty quickly.  The more preparation, the simpler the space the easier and faster it will go.

The home owner (or designated decision-maker over the age of 18) MUST be present during the entire template process. This person will be required to answer questions pertaining to seam preferences, corner radius, overhangs and “special designs”, etc. therefore, it is recommended that the person who is familiar with the project and feels confident making design decisions be present during measurement.  Much of the design details pertaining to stone surfaces can be discussed in advance with the Richstone account manager prior to us setting foot in your house by providing any available drawings, design inspirations, visiting our showroom, pictures of current space, selections of new items to be installed etc.

Richstone measures with high-tech digital templating equipment which then get finalized in CAD and design details get added for sign off by the home owner.  We show the cabinet layout, special notes for consideration, sink model number, edge type, and a lot more.    

A knowledgeable homeowner actually makes our job easier, so we appreciate it when people tell us exactly what they want and how they want it.  We understand your project may have to coordinate with multiple trades like Flooring, Electricians, Cabinet Installers, Plumbers, Tile Backsplash, appliances and it can seem overwhelming but we are happy to help coordinate and to advise on when it makes the most sense for us to come in.   

Speed is the enemy of quality. Our process helps to increase speed without having a negative impact on quality, but we need you to be a willing participant along the way.

5. Pricing:

Drawings and pictures may be great for a preliminary estimate, but can only get you so far. For final pricing, we will require our final approved measurement drawings to be verified by our deisgn representatives.  In some cases a mere 1/4″ off from estimated measurements may push the project into requiring an additional slab.  Or switching a seam layout to improve the visual vein and design flow will increase the slab count.  Sometimes there are hard choices to be made to take a less desirable layout, increase expenses or switch to a different design/color.

There are a lot of unique kitchen shapes out there with “U” shaped kitchens, Batwing shapes, and others while stone slabs come to us rectangular and there hasn’t been a stone stretcher yet created we will do the best we can to advise you of your options given our expertise.

6. Installation:

Installation of stone surfaces does not include removal of the existing top(s) and other existing items such as a mirror(s) as it is a separate service.  Please be sure to ask your Richstone representative of any unique access concerns, removal of cabinets, tile, appliances, plumbing etc to make sure we are on the same page.  

7. Plumbing and Wiring:

Plumbing and wiring is not included in any installation unless otherwise specified in the signed contract.  Any undermount applications will be cutout, polished and drilled to accept mounting brackets. Cutouts for drop-in sinks and cooktops may be completed on the job site depending on how tight the fit is in the cabinets and other job-site requirements. Please note that all plumbing services, if provided by Richstone, will be provided through a subcontractor that has been vetted by Richstone.  

8. Installation Approval:

After the product has been installed the customer or (designated decision-maker over the age of 18) MUST be present to inspect the countertops. At installation a customer approval form will be provided to the customer for their signature, confirming they are satisfied with the quality, fit and damage free condition of the countertop.  This is a very important step.   If there is a seam issue, a perceived or real stone defect, a missing piece – anything at all you are not satisfied with either let the installer know right away and ask if they can fix it.  If you don’t feel comfortable or aren’t satisfied with your response/result to this then contact your main Richstone representative to talk through what can be done.

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